Revision 2014

New & Noteworthy

With 2014 comes a new Revision and a new update to the compo rules. First of all we've been listening to your comments and have moved some of the early deadlines so you have a bit more time to upload your entry should you arrive late at the party or decide to go to the bonfire first. This specifically for the Streaming Music, Exe Newskool Music, Modern Graphics and Amiga Intro Compos.

We have also changed the number of competitions as we have merged the Web Compos in the PC Compo as the Browser platform has come to a mature age where it can compete on the same level as an executable. This allowed for the creation of the 8K Intro Compo and Animated GIF in the graphics compos. There will also be a fast compo for you graphicians, additional info on this will be made public at the party, so be patient.

Lastly we have updated the PC Compo Machine to Windows 8.1 and will allow executables compiled in 64bit. And should your productions have some dependencies towards it, we'll still provide the June 2010 DX Redist on the Compo Machine.

Should you have any further questions on the new or existing compo rules, contact us through the hotline and we'll get back to you.


  • The web compo is moved into the PC compo.
  • New 8k intro compo.
  • PC entries now can be compiled for 64bit.

Music Compos

  • The deadline for Streaming and Exe Newskool are now sunday midnight instead of saturday midnight.

Graphics Compos

  • Due to an ever increasing amount of entries, the graphics compos will be stricter in preselection, meaning we will throw out anything that has a bad composition, is a lame drunk party snapshot or looks boring, even if the title of the piece suggests otherwise.
  • New compo: Animated Gif
    • Can be anything from mockup oldschool pixel game scene to cinemagraph, as long as it is 100% your original work.
    • Has to be in *.gif format.
    • Has to loop.
    • Max. length until loop 10 secs.
    • Will be shown on the bigscreen for 30 secs.
    • Fixed resolution of 640 pixels in width and 360 pixels in height.
    • Max. filesize 2 MB.
  • New compo: Paintover Fastcompo
    • Rules will be announced Friday at the party place.
  • Deadline for Modern Graphics is now saturday at noon instead of saturday at midnight.

Amiga Compos

  • Amiga Intro deadline is now saturday noon instead of saturday midnight.

PC Compos

  • Operating System on the compo machine will be Windows 8.1.