Revision 2014

Music Events

Main Stage

Men of Mega

Men of Mega are Bart and Jasper, two Dutch guys sharing a passion for punkrock, Long Island iced teas, and classic Nintendo soundtracks. Both armed with a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy, they produce unpretentious, hard-hitting and melodic chip music. Having only started out late 2010, they already performed at renowned shows such as EINDBAAS 8 and EINDBAAS 14 in the Netherlands, the Blip Festival official afterparty 2012 in New York City, the Square Sounds official preparty 2013 in Tokyo, Ultrachip 2013 in Edinburgh, as well as dozens of show all throughout Europe. But most of all, making chip music is their excuse to get free beer.


(Photo by Kris van de Sande)

An original oldskooler, TDK was an active Amiga scener in the early 90’s writing catchy and melodic chiptunes for the likes of Anthrox, Crystal and Melon Dezign. Having retired from the scene in 1993 Mark went on to write the music for such games as Wing Commander (Amiga), Duke Nukem Total Meltdown, Populous: The Beginning and Dungeon Keeper 2. As a self confessed petrol head, now working for Codemasters, he heads up the audio team on the DiRT, Formula 1 and GRID racing video games. Never leaving the chip sound behind, Mark brought TDK out of retirement at the end of 2012 with the release of his first album, Reawakening, and has since fused his love of chip with his passion for the electric violin to perform his unique chiptune-violin set at SuperByte 2013, Chipfest, and Nintendoom 3.0. TDK is back! Flit Kills Moths is back! (until Esso sue for brand copyright).


(Photo by Sesse)

On one side there's Britain, on the other Norway, and in the middle there is a sea full of BASS. So we decided to enlist the best fishermen from both sides, equipped them with the biggest dragnets and sealhooks we could find, and ordered them to release their entire catch on our audience on Sunday night in the E Werk. To make sure the rescue brigade can find you floating in lug00ber and h0ffman's stormy waters, please don't forget to bring your whistles and horns!

Second Stage

Zet. (ft. Computadora)

Influenced by early techno and hip‐hop, he started DJing and organizing party nights on a regular basis more than a decade ago in Augsburg and also co‐founded the Robox Neotech label in 2000 with Doshy, Lakritze and some other crazy friends.
His first work as a producer was on a vinyl double compilation on Robox Neotech and his own first 12” EP saw the light in 2003 (Robox‐07 “Just a Fucking EP”). He mysteriously disappeared for 6 years and then came his next release, “Who is Hudson River” a digital‐only EP that was followed shortly after by two brilliant remixes made for Demokracy and Kodek.
2011 is the debut‐year on BLEEPSTREET Records with his single “hyperpolarisation”.


Besides his natural role as the eternal youngest man in the C64 scene Knoeki has built up quite a reputation for igniting the dancefloor at demoparties. Mostly famous for his straight-in-your-face hard-hitting drum’n’bass sets, Knoeki has now signed up for the challenge to inaugurate Revision’s outdoor stage with a set he is preparing specifically for that setting and audience. Is everyone’s favourite Pikachu toting Amsterdam based junior scener up to the task? Find out on Saturday afternoon at the outdoor stage!


Born in Hamburg in 1976, he discovered the computer underground scene in Germany and was quite obsessed with it until the mid‐90s when he began producing with Amiga computers and focusing primarily on music. In 2008 he takes over Bleepstreet Records and starts DJing and promoting dancefloor Chiptune sets mashed up with sweaty Electro and Techno around European Club Nights. The result of all these years experimenting with different  computer platforms are more than 50 sessions that have happened in  clubs and festivals around Europe like Transmediale in Germany, Gogbot in the Netherlands, and the underground nights of Milano, Oslo, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Prague and Berlin.
Computadora is active currently as a DJ and Label Manager of Bleepstreet Records.

d0dgE vs Sly42

There's a secret tunnel running from Chemnitz to Detroit and longtime Easterparty regulars d0dgE and Sly42 are known to make it their home, hoping to meet hardly intelligible drunkards with horrible language deformations due to their foreign heritage. They like to hit their unsuspecting victims viciously in this dark, cramped underground space with the fattest of beats, however, this year Revision's excavation team pulls them right from that darkest of dark corners to the bright sunny outside world where these former mercenaries of the international dubstep and drum'n'bass scene will serve the crowd a King Sized Deep-House dish in the Ping-Pong format that made their fame at demoparties and beyond.


With a career in 8bit music lasting more than 10 years and over two hundred gigs in at least twenty countries, few musicians in the 8bit scene can claim to be more seasoned than gwEm. His travels have taken him as far east as Japan, as far north as Norway, as far south as India, as far west as the United States and he has no plans of hanging up his trademark Flying V guitar anytime soon. gwEm, known to his mother as Gareth Morris, creates his 8bit music using the maxYMiser software he wrote for the 1980s Atari ST homecomputer and talks excitedly about the artistic freedom the 8bit scene gives him. "8bit music gives me the carte blanche to explore any genre I want, while still remaining under the umbrella of the friendly chip music scene". Certainly his extensive back catalogue of material bears this out, with drum'n'bass, punk, heavy metal, garage, electro, folk, house, grime, dad rock, happy hardcore and dubstep all present and correct. gwEm's releases can be found on a number of net and physical labels including Astralwerks, 8bitpeoples, micromusic, Shitkatapult and Muller. Collaborations with fellow London based artists, the folk musician Amy Sayer, grime MC Appljuic and (famously) jazz drummer/jungle MC Counter Reset have been more than fruitful.


An undiscovered true Techno critter and a recent newcomer to the Berliner night fauna. Recently recruited by Bleepstreet agents in a small club in Kreuzberg, he was found pounding a wild techno and electro set straight from his Gameboys synced to an Electribe groovebox from which he delivers his personal sound manifesto. Originating from Chile but now living in Berlin, he produces and promotes party nights under the Mechatronika collective he co‐runs with a friend. Soundcloud


Daddy, The Beast from Borne, the Lord of the Cheese, Twente’s best kept secret, a crowdpleaser by nature and that asshole who just overtook you with 240km/h- it’s all in a day’s work for DaTucker. Since he started dj’ing at demoparties a few years back at local parties in Holland, he was quickly picked up by international events and is now making his debut at Revision. Taking a break from a family holiday especially to bring the Revision audience the type of highly energetic set they require at this ungodly hour, DaTucker is aiming to make this the most memorable gig in his career so far.


SaVannaH is relatively new to the demoscene but has built a reputation within the underground breaks scene for her skills on the decks and no holds barred sets. Playing heavy, soulful, bassline-driven party breaks, with massive drums, beautiful melodies and positive vibes. Now going for a deeper sound, she will be playing some of the finest ambient dubstep which will be perfect for the event.


Born in an ARP, raised in the south of France, sent 5001 years ahead to join the TPOLM family and finally, made a nice and sociable human beeing round the Lake Léman by the Calodox brothers, Alkama is about to land a mix at Revision this time. Waves of lush Tech House and four-to-the-floor beats are to be expected so you'd better howl and dance along, or duck and cover!


Rick Astley, Alf, Torvill and Dean, Pac-man, Maggie Thatcher, Teddy Ruxpin, Reebok Pump, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jon Bon Jovi, E.T., Michael Jackson, Cabbage Patch Kids, Charles and Diana, The Fraggles, New Kids on the Block, Jet Set Willy, Bill Cosby, Transformers, Gremlins, He-man and She-Ra, The Carebears, The Bangles, Thundercats, and last but not least, a huge stack of pogo balls and rubik cubes- Gasman throws it all in a blender, adds ZX Spectrum and keytar for extra zing, and drenches the audience is his eclectic mix of 80s goodness.


DJ, producer, designer. Co-founder of Farbrausch, member of Still. Curator of netlabels .schleudertrauma. and _rohformat. Co-developer at AudioRealism, betatester and content creator for Traktor/Final Scratch, mentor of Thinner, artist for amongst others Superstition Records, Forte and Bash Again. DJ sets around the world and at Tresor, Golden Pudel Club, Uebel&Gefaehrlich, Club Prag, Love Parade, Norberg Festival. Kasparov, Poem to a Horse, Debris, Ferner and Calcifer. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honour and privilege that we present to you the man, the legend, and none other than Ronny Pries.