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Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment

At DICE, we all share the passion to create something extraordinary. We strive to deliver world class experiences, so we demand the very best from ourselves. For us, creativity is not a skill with any one individual so much as a mindset. By exercising a flat hierarchy and nurturing an attentive design process, we listen to all the crazy ideas thrown around the office. We believe there is no better place to grow professionally, find new friends, and kick back after a hard day's work.

Founded in 1992 by four friends from the Amiga demo scene, DICE (named "Digital Illusions" back then) created the cult hit Pinball Dreams for the Amiga. Today, DICE is best known for creating the phenomenally successful Battlefield franchise. The studio is also making games like Mirror's Edge and Star Wars Battlefront.

Viprinet Europe GmbH

Viprinet is a German development company producing a line of unique WAN/VPN routers: The Multichannel VPN Router series is able to bond multiple different Internet access media (like ADSL + UMTS/3G) to form a highly reliable and fast corporate Internet connection at near to any place in the world. These days, Viprinet routers can be found in the corporate environment, but also in fire trucks, ships, TV stations, and hospitals.

At Revision 2014, Viprinet will provide Internet with its brand-new Internet Rescue Service vehicle, a modified ambulance which has been equipped with all Viprinet main products. This vehicle functions as the official Revision 2014 hot-spot.
Viprinet was founded in 2006 by Simon Kissel, widely known inside the demo scene as scamp. His heavily growing company is now distributing their products world wide, most development including all hard- and software taking place at their corporate central Bingen am Rhein.

Lots of demo sceners are part of Viprinet as full-time employees and freelancers. Ethics are strong, leadership concepts are innovative, and nerds are the heart of the company. You will be able to meet lots of the 35 Viprinet folks at Revision, both as visitors and as organizers.

Viprinet is supporting Revision 2014 as a platinum sponsor and at the same time is providing reliable bonded Internet access and video stream uplink to the party.



King is the world's leading casual games company, with more than 1 billion gameplays per day globally. King is behind games such as Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and the world-famous Candy Crush. King has game development studios in six cities: ­London, Stockholm, Malmö, Barcelona, Bucharest and Berlin.

The company has for more than a decade served as a successful creative outlet for game developers who are interested in working in small teams, making old school arcade style games. The company has a strong internal demo scene culture, employing both old and new sceners in offices spread out all over Europe, and with regular internal demo competitions as well as demo beers and other social activities.

King is really proud to be a Gold sponsor to Revision 2014 and we are looking forward to seeing all the great demos that will be released.



satis&fy is one of the largest companies in Europe specializing on technical services in the event business. Being a production company as well as a large rental house satis&fy is meeting the needs for professional technical services in the field of industrial presentations and meetings.


think-cell Software GmbH

Trying to stay awake and party all night long? Have a coffee on us! think-cell is the caffeinesponsor of Revision 2014. Are you breaking out in sweat over last-minute changes to your code? You are welcome to grab an ice cream at our stand on Saturday. Drop by and impress us with how well you know your stuff!

We cannot wait to meet the best of the scene and get pulled into the creative whirlwind at Revision 2014. Revision is the place to go if looking for great coders, and Berlin is the place to move if you're young and creative. Can we offer you a ride? We are looking for C++ Developers who really have what it takes to join our team and produce beautiful graphics software with us in Berlin.

Individual Computers

Individual Computers celebrates 20 years in business this year. They are highly recognized in the scene for excellent hardware products for current and retro-computers such as Amiga and C64.

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  • void/screenFX
  • AMcBain
  • pOWL/Alcatraz
  • rIkEr

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