Revision 2014


Missing something?

There's a lack of cool events you say? Don't worry! We have great things planned but it'll take a while longer to get things in place. We'll make a separate announcement once we're ready.


12:00 Event Doors Open
17:00 Seminar Workshop for the first VCS demo
20:00 Event Opening Ceremony
21:00 Event DUB Awards
22:00 Event The Incredible Live-Coder-Mayhem 5000 Qualification
Seminar An introduction to Belgian beers


00:00 Concert Men of Mega
Deadline Executable Music Oldskool
Deadline Tracked Music
Deadline Photo
Deadline Animation/Video
Deadline PC 64K Intro
02:00 Second Stage Zet. (ft. Computadora)
10:00 Seminar OpenGL ES 3.1 for next-gen mobile platform demos
11:00 Event Revision 5k Run
Seminar Rules of thumb for (slightly) better design
12:00 Seminar Secrets of ProTracker
Second Stage Knoeki
Deadline Modern Graphics
Deadline Oldskool Demo
Deadline Amiga Intro
Deadline PC 4K Intro
Deadline Game
Deadline Animated GIF
13:00 Competition Tracked Music
14:00 Event The Incredible Live-Coder-Mayhem 5000 Finals
Seminar Die Geschichte der User-Interfaces
Second Stage Computadora
16:00 Second Stage d0dgE vs. Sly42
16:30 Seminar Proceedings in filesharing warnings
17:00 Event Business Forum
Seminar Creativity vs. productivity - having ideas vs. getting stuff done
18:00 Competition ASCII/ANSI
Competition Executable Music Oldskool
Competition Photo
Competition Animation/Video
Competition Game
Competition PC 64K Intro
21:30 Concert TDK
22:30 Competition Amiga Intro
Competition PC 4K Intro
Competition Oldskool Demo


00:00 Second Stage gwEm
Deadline Wild
Deadline Streaming Music
Deadline Executable Music Newskool
Deadline 4K Executable Graphics
Deadline Oldskool Graphics
01:00 Second Stage Trippy-H
03:00 Second Stage DaTucker
06:00 Deadline PC 8K Intro
10:00 Seminar World of pure data (usage in real life applications/games to standalone projects on Raspberry Pi)
11:00 Seminar A brief insight into BRTECH1, a written-from-scratch idtech3- and Darkplaces-compatible 3D game engine
12:00 Seminar Working with breakbeats 2 - the layering
Deadline Amiga Demo
Deadline Oldskool 4K Intro
13:00 Competition Executable Music Newskool
Competition Modern Graphics
13:30 Event Tour for interested citizens of Saarbrücken
14:00 Second Stage SaVannaH
Deadline PC Demo
15:00 Competition Streaming Music
16:00 Seminar 4k seminars
Second Stage Alkama
17:00 Competition 4K Executable Graphics
Competition Oldskool Graphics
Competition Wild
Competition Animated GIF
20:00 Concert lug00ber vs h0ffman
22:00 Competition PC 8K Intro
Competition Oldskool 4K Intro
Competition Amiga Demo
Competition PC Demo


01:00 Second Stage Gasman
02:00 Second Stage rp
10:00 Deadline Voting
11:00 Event Prizegiving
13:00 Event Doors Close